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"I can't think of a better flag bearer than Sarah Plum who is quite brilliant here, or better performances or interpretations.  This is an important addition to the contemporary violin concerto discography." - The Whole Note Magazine

"Plum is a fine example of the activist performer, having commissioned nearly a dozen compositions in the last 3 years alone.  Talk about being the change you wish to see - or in this case HEAR - in the world!  Plum's playing is exemplary throughout, with a level of comfort that allows you to concentrate on the music fully....Based on her performances both works deserve to be heard and played widely.  However until the next brave soul schedules a performance we have these excellent records to enjoy." -

" this inward looking world is reflected in the extended violin solos, communicating deep meaning in this very well played CD - .....heady material and well made."  - a review of music for a new century on 

"a fine sense of rhythm and excellent ensemble work.  The playing is strong, the interaction between the performers effective and the overall impression is winning.  Plum rises to this challenge as to all the others on this CD - with the result that listeners will surely look forward to the next entry in the Plum/Lovelace series of Bartok works."  -


"In her New York recital, Plum demonstrated her dedication to precise and thoughtful playing right from the get-go.....hypnotic and mesmerizing." -

" The performance was delivered with a compelling intensity.  Plum was entirely at ease.....creating a genuine sense of interplay.  Plum surely knows how to leave her listeners with a lilt in their step." - Steven Smoliar San Francisco Examiner


" Sarah Plum is an adventurous indie violinist." - New York Classical Music


"It really was exciting to have Sarah Plum broadcast the Four Seasons live out of our Studio One today.  Sarah is an awesome violinist to whom the considerable demands Vivaldi places are as nothing, and an artist with genuine interpretive insight and courage."  - Barney Sherman, Iowa Public Radio


"On night two of the Unruly Music Festival, Plum was consistently stunning as she played seven works that not only demanded conventional virtuosity but also great skill in unconventional techniques....entrancing....she commanded attention from first note to last.  An impressive, virtuosic solo performance and an engaging and varied evening." -


"Extraordinary, meaningful and magnificent music." – Berliner Tageszeitung 


"This CD is comprised of selections thoughtfully chosen and lovingly performed by Sarah Plum.  Absconditus is a gem, each piece is precious. Lovely, plaintive and gorgeous playing." - American Record Guide 11/28/2011

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